• October 2015
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Are you offering your customers the speed they want?

In our recent research, we surveyed 2,000 consumers and over 400 Small Office Home Office (SOHO) businesses. We found that the majority of dissatisfied customers were using copper (i.e. ADSL) broadband services. This clearly highlights the link between broadband speed and customer satisfaction. In fact, 45 per cent of end customers weren’t satisfied with the speed of their existing broadband package.

Our research shows consumers want faster broadband to support their growing needs, but 30 per cent simply said they wanted the fastest speed available, providing the price was right for them. The majority of the unsatisfied customers were served via a copper (i.e. ADSL) broadband service, with the satisfaction of customers served by fibre broadband being over 20 per cent higher.

Although speed is a key factor when it came to customer satisfaction, our research shows 67 per cent rated reliability as an important feature when choosing a broadband package. Customers demand a quality broadband connection that never cuts out and it’s just as important for SOHOs as it is for residential customers.

Getting the price right.

Price still plays an important part, with 43 per cent saying they wanted a faster speed but would need to see the extra value from it - before paying more than their current package. For those interested in taking 100Mbps broadband and higher download packages, the ability to download or stream TV/video content quicker is one of the main drivers. For SOHOs, fast speeds are needed to meet demands of both their business and home life, with personal and work devices connecting daily basis to a single line, driving higher bandwidth needs.

You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.

But it’s surprising that only 43 per cent of customers were aware of their actual broadband speed, increasing to 53 per cent awareness for fibre broadband customers.  Of those interviewed, 41 per cent check their speeds occasionally or regularly, with 16 per cent having never checked it.  

Awareness is a key factor in helping consumers understand about the different speeds on offer. Our research shows that faster internet access from will satisfy the majority of UK customers. So for many, simply upgrading to a fibre service makes for a happier customer and lowers the risk of switching to another provider.

If you’d like to find out more about the range of speeds available that can help satisfy your customers’ needs, please contact your Openreach sales and relationship manager.